Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Full of 'Crock'

The past week, being under the weather, and still needing to eat and feed people, I tried a couple of crockpot recipes.

The first, shown above, was a crockpot oatmeal recipe from the Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook.  While I am not totally up on the program with the additional stuff added to the recipes, I made this oatmeal.  Just oatmeal, water, 2% milk, vanilla, bananas and brown sugar.  

First off, I am not an oatmeal person, but trying to become one.  Second, I did the full recipe which makes enough for me to feed about 100 people it seems.  I did up the rest in the fridge and reheated and it was good.

Third, and the best for me, is it's really creamy.  Really,  really creamy.  And the brown sugar and bananas gives it a Bananas Foster taste.  I will probably do it again, but only for half the recipe.

And a bonus fourth, they tell you to put the ingredients in a bowl in the crockpot and turn the crockpot into a water bath basically.  This way, you are not scraping oatmeal off the pot (I don't have the crockpot liners).  I think this adds to the creamy texture.

So definitely a recipe I will keep and fix occasionally.

The second crockpot recipe I did this week was Crockpot Lasagna by Ali at Gimme Some Oven.  If you haven't ever been to her site, GO! NOW!  She has some of the best recipes.  Right now Savvy and I are loving her Green Smoothie for breakfast.  Savvy took some to work and it was taken by a coworker, so I have orders to make more.

The lasagna is cheesy goodness all piled in a crockpot.  Salad and garlic bread and dinner was done.  You use the ready-to-go lasagna noodles in the recipe, so no fussing with cooking noodles.  Browning the meat is about the hardest thing you have to do.  The rest is just laying the bottled sauce, three cheeses, meat, spinach and noodles.  I included the spinach so CJ was forced to eat 'green things'.

But no pictures of the lasagna.  In fact, I haven't checked, but I think a huge hunk of the leftovers went to Dungeons and Dragons night with Savvy and CJ.

So now I have two more recipes to add to my rotation.  Just need a few more.

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