Monday, March 4, 2013

A Little Ham Goes a Long Way

I am a good ol' Southern girl.  Born in Tennessee, raised in Texas and spent the last 25 years in North Carolina.  And if there is one thing besides ice tea that I love, it's country ham.  Good, salty country ham on a biscuit with molasses....nom, nom, nom....that's the way to start a Sunday morning.  Throw in a few hashbrowns (don't do grits, sorry) and eggs and we are on our way to bliss....and a nice morning nap followed by several glasses of tea during the day.

But the problem with the ham I have found here in North Carolina is that they cut it as thin as paper, so when you cook it up, it is like cardboard or a doggy chew.  So when I found this little place on the back roads between Raleigh and Jacksonville (taking Texter to/from my home to her home), I decided to give it a shot.

Now I have not seen Westwater Country Ham in the store or at least not that I remember.  And they don't have a website (in this day and age!).  So one day I stopped at the 'ham house' as it is called.  Just a little house set back from the road.

There was a gentleman there before me coming to pick up a couple of hams.  Seems there is a local monthly breakfast and they always serve Westwater Country Hams.  After he left I told the gentleman I was getting ready to move to Montana and wanted to know where I could get some ham ordered up as I doubt Montana is home to country ham.

When I told him I had not tried his ham, but was curious to see what he had to offer, he gives me a package of ham.  That's right!  He GAVE me a package of ham to try and his business card.

Westwater Country Ham

So the next Sunday morning, I pulled out the molasses and biscuits and Texter and I had a great breakfast.  I even had enough ham to give away a couple of biscuits and have an afternoon snack.

Verdict:  I am ordering me up some of that there ham!  It was sliced thick enough so that it didn't turn to a piece of cardboard, but not so thick you feel like you are eating a chunk of ham.  Not overly salty, tender....ok, I'm drooling just thinking about it.

So if you want some ham, or want to send me some ham here is their contact information:

Westwater Country Ham
1277 NC 24 & 50
Warsaw, NC  28398